The brand story

The Waking Insects is a solar term in lunar calendar which represents the phenomenon of natural creatures that sprout and grow due to seasonal weather changes. As a brand with eco-friendly core concept as its core value, all ideas are related to the word “Nature”. Based on the brand name, the dyeing materials and natural fiber content will be adjusted according to the seasonal changes.
Using natural fabrics is our unchanged original  aspiration becuase we appreciate and cherish the gift from our nature.we expect more people to join the team of using natural fabrics with us.


Duo Designers – Nora & Yvonne

Fashion has been my driving force since I was little. Now I am committed to designing eco-friendly clothing. I hope my design not only brings beauty to the world but also leads to new ideas and reflections.”

“In my years of exploring in the fashion industry, I eventually find myself obsessed with the unique charm of nature and what is out of the city. For me, bringing the natural fascination back to city is definitely a delightful thing to do, and I deeply believe that it can be the essence of my design philosophy.”