Finding Calm with The Waking Insects: Making Zongzi (Rice Dumpling)


Friday night is really a time for family and friends reunion, especially when it overlaps with dragon boat festival, which is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of lunar calendar. On this day of this year, we Team TWI decided to stay together making our own Zongzi.

The materials needed to make Zongzi are simple: reed/bamboo leaves, glutinous rice, and cotton thread. When the leaves are boiled, a faint fresh and natural smell permeates the whole house, feeling like we are chilling out in the blooming jungle. It turns out that in addition to sweet smell of glutinous rice, the leaf is also one of the significant contributors to making the Zongzi smell more fragrant. Using natural leaves can increase the taste/smell of the food, which brings more natural flavor of the food itself, no other artificial additives needed. More importantly, the leaves for wrapping Zongzi can be re-used after cleaning, truly provides convenience for using next time, which at the same time pretty sustainable.

In the pursuit of fast rhythms during the workday, we can surely touch the natural energy, re-concentrate our spirit and wash off stress in this activity. Wouldn’t it be fun and ease to enjoy making Zongzi with friends or family on the weekend?